Yoga Classes

Yoga is wonderful way to move your body through pregnancy, postpartum, or just to spend time with your little one! Private classes are $50 an hour, with an additional 10$ per person (not including children up to 2 years old)

Mommy & Me Yoga

Yoga can be a wonderful time to connect with your little one! I offer private "mommy and me" yoga classes for mothers (and/or fathers!) to find some respite in your busy days, while also spending time with your child. This is a fun and playful class, emphasizing connection between parent and child. Contact me to set up a class!

Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy your body goes through many significant changes, which can cause many aches and pains.This private class addresses any discomforts in your body, seeking to both increase awareness of your changing body as well as build a connection between you and your baby! Have pregnant friends? Have a group class for only 10$ an additional personal per hour!

General Private

Not pregnant? And just looking for respite in your busy life? I also teach general private classes which can be very beneficial for every-day moms who want to not only find relaxation, but also learn how to establish a regular practice. Open for anyone seeking to learn the ins and outs of yoga and establish a regular practice, great for Moms and Dads!

Postpartum Yoga

Even though the aches and pains of pregnancy have passed, the body experiences a whole new set of physical conditions after giving birth! This is a gentle class focusing on stretching, strengthening of the pelvic and abdominal muscles, and relaxation after long nights and days with your little one, with an emphasis on mindfulness!

Contact me for availability! 

Disclaimer: Yoga is not meant to replace medical care or treatment, and may not be beneficial for everyone, yet can be a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle.