Yoga Classes

Yoga  and mindfulness is a wonderful way to move your body through pregnancy and postpartum! Our bodies are constantly experiencing the tension of the world around us, especially during times of transition. With over 10 years of experience practicing  and teaching yoga, my goal is to teach my clients tools (be that asana, breath work, and/or meditation) that bring awareness and confidence back into the body and mind. Below are some of the options we can include in your packages with me, or separately.  I am trained in restorative, prenatal, and vinyasa yoga. All classes are personalized to meet your needs. 

Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy, especially as you enter your third trimester, your body goes through many significant changes, which can cause strain and discomfort. This private class addresses any discomforts in your body, seeking to both increase awareness of your changing body as well as build a connection between you and your baby! Classes  include an emphasis on pranayama (breath-work) that build a strong foundation for labor, and postures that allow stretching of those tense areas, as well as increasing optimal positioning for your baby/ies! I like to include poses that you can continue to practice alone and/or with your partner up until labor!

Doula at Home

Couples Prenatal Yoga

Expecting Couple

Even though your partner may not be experiencing the physiological changes that go along with pregnancy, your partner is still an integral part of your pregnancy, labor, and birth. By deepening your connection and allowing your partner to become in tune with your changing body and emotions, you are able to build a stronger foundation of support and connection going into labor and postpartum. This class can take many forms, including hands-on postures to reduce discomfort in your body, tantric exercises that deepen your emotional, spiritual, and physical connection with your partner, as well as exercises to carry with you after the class. 

Postpartum Yoga

Even though the aches and pains of pregnancy have passed, the body experiences a whole new set of physical conditions after giving birth. This is a gentle class focusing on mindfulness, processing of emotions from your birth experience, and strengthening asanas that are personalized to your body.

Wellness Coach

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Disclaimer: Yoga is not meant to replace medical care or treatment, and may not be beneficial for everyone, yet can be a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle.