Postpartum Support


Nervous about the postpartum period and all the changes that come with a new baby? Don't worry! I am here to support you and your family make the smoothest transition possible!

As part of your Birth Package you will receive one postpartum daytime visit (1 hour) to aid in breastfeeding, answer any questions, offer recommendations in your area for additional support, as well as help create a postpartum plan for your family. 

Another postpartum offering for my clients is Postpartum Yoga... click here to read more.

Daytime Support

-Assist with meal prepping

-Organizing, picking up the house

-Breastfeeding Support

-Available to just talk/Answer questions

-Watch baby while family is able to nap/run errands

-Laundry and other household tasks

Overnight Support

-Continuous in-home support (minimum 8 hour shift, typically 10 hours)

-Laundry and light household tasks

-Implement sleep training methods after baby meets certain criteria

Please see Postpartum Contract  for fees and additional details

Contact me for my availability!

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