New Parent Education

Newborn Basics

  • Introduction to the Newborn Stage, what to expect!

  •  Breastfeeding vs. Pumping vs. Formula vs. a mix!

  • Newborn sleep & feeds 101

  • Spit up, gas, and all that fun stuff explained

  • Personalized Q&A

  • Discussing tools to have on hand (that I recommend) to make life easier

  • Self care during the fourth trimester

Sleep Training 101

  • Provides the daytime & nighttime tools necessary for getting your baby to sleep through the night

  • Emphasizes the unique changes that come ~9 weeks onwards (it is different from the newborn stage!)

  • Questions/Answer session

  • Personalized recommendations & troubleshooting that work with YOUR schedule 

  • Get your baby sleeping through the night with my mentorship

  • Discounted rates for clients who purchase postpartum overnight hours

  • Discussion of different methods and how/when to employ them 

Private Sleep Coaching

  • 30minutes- 1 hour

  • Troubleshooting 

  • "tweaking" schedule

  • Q&A for parents

  • Anything you want it to be!