Infant Sleep Training

Sleep Training Fundamentals Class ​

  • The physiology of infant sleep 

  • Daytime & nighttime tools necessary for getting your baby to sleep longer stretches

  • Discuss different approaches to sleep shaping and how to employ them

  • Personalized goals and recommendations 

  • Wake windows, "eat play sleep", naps

  • Sleep regressions

Private Sleep Consultations

  • 30minutes to 1 hour

  • Troubleshooting 

  • "tweaking" schedules

  • Q&A 

  • Anything you want it to be!

"Sweet Dreams"

Introductory Sleep Training Package

  • I will apply a personalized sleep training plan to your baby/ies over the course of (3) nights

  • For some babies, this is enough to get baby sleeping longer stretches on their own!

  • 1 hour of private sleep coaching 

  • Access to sleep training fundamentals course