Birth Doula Package

Complimentary Consultation 

The complimentary consultation is not binding for the parents, and is a time to discuss their Birth Plan as well as their expectations for the Doula. Most importantly, the consultation is a time for the expecting parents to meet with me and discuss their concerns and hopes, and learn if I would be a good fit for their birth. At this time you will receive my contract, other information about my services, as well as a brief plan for your prenatal visits and birth. Contact me to set up a consultation. Consults are done via a video meeting or phone call.

Prenatal Visits

Once the expecting parents agree to have me as their birth doula,

we will set up between two to three prenatal visits.


Throughout pregnancy I will be available over email or phone to answer any questions or discuss concerns, hopes, and fears. Or just to check-in!

First Prenatal Visit (45 minutes-1hr)

  • Discuss previous birth experiences and medical history 

  • Answer any questions, either about my role as a doula or general childbirth questions

  • Discuss fears, concerns, or other emotions about this upcoming birth

  • Provide educational resources for the parents

Second Prenatal Visit (45 minutes-1hr)

  • Check in on the pregnancy so far, make any necessary changes to the birth plan

  • Discuss options in the case of emergencies

  • Answer any educational questions

  • Practice breathing techniques and positions to prepare for labor



I will be on call 2 weeks before and after the due date (38-42 weeks gestation) and during this time will be available by phone at all hours.

Each woman is unique and so is her labor and birth, therefore it is up to the mother when she would like me to meet her at the hospital or her home. It is the parents' responsibility to contact me, giving me approximately 45 minutes (depending on location) to get there. I will come when called, and will also be available by phone to help with coping mechanisms during a long pre or early labor. 

Throughout Labor and Birth I will remain by the family's side offering guidance and support, emotionally and physically. I am trained in the use of the Rebozo, and other comfort measures, such as gentle massage, hypnobirthing, aromatherapy, different positioning for the first and second stages of labor, and more. At each birth, I attempt to create an atmosphere that supports the family's birth plan. I provide birth balls, an essential oil diffuser, a rebozo, and more for each birth.

Labor and Birth

Postpartum Visit


Included in your birth package is a (1 hr) postpartum visit. During this visit I will answer any questions about your birth experience, create an open space to reflect and process, as well as include introductory education on the postpartum period.

Disclaimer: Doulas do not replace your health care provider and do not use any medical interventions, as well as do not make any medical decisions for you. Instead they can answer any childbirth questions to their knowledge and experience, as well as offer emotional and physical coping methods during labor and birth.