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 My Mission

As a Birth Doula and Yoga Instructor, my mission is to empower those transitioning into parenthood for the first time or welcoming an additional child into their family. By offering private yoga classes, I hope to introduce mothers and fathers to the powerful healing practice of Yoga, which can be extremely beneficial in either the daily busy lives of parenthood, or through the transitioning body and mind of motherhood. In addition, as a Birth Doula, I strive to accompany new parents in the preparation for birth and the unexpected, as well as supporting both mother and partner through the journey of labor and birth through educational, physical, and emotional support. I feel that all new parents deserve this form of empowerment and support, and for that reason, I am open to discussing payment options. 

The 'Lending Library'

The transition into parenthood is not always easy and can be overwhelming with the amount of information out there. For this reason, I created "The Lending Library" which are books and DVDS from my personal collection that I feel are helpful and are suggested by DONA International.

Clients who are interested in lending

books are free to ask me anytime!


1. What does a normal payment plan look like for Doula Services?

A normal payment plan consists of a retaining deposit of $400 at the first prenatal visit, and the final payment of another $400 at the second prenatal visit. Payment is preferred as cash or check, but I will accept online payments if necessary. I charge a total fee of $800 per birth, which includes 2 prenatal visits, my presence throughout the labor and birth, as well as a postpartum visit and support. If a client fails to notify me at least 3 weeks before the birth that they no longer wish me to attend, and fail to call me in any circumstance, they will owe a compensation fee of $400. That said, I am open to discussing payment options. Yet, I have specifically chosen to set my services at a reasonable rate, since I believe all families deserve to have the support they desire throughout their journey of childbirth.

2. Where are you located?

I live near East Falls, Philadelphia. I will travel up to 25 miles for births, and 5o miles for postpartum work. 

3. Are you accepting new clients? When should we set up a consult?

Contact me for availability. I prefer to have the first prenatal visit before 36 weeks of gestation to give me enough time to get to know your birth expectations in case of an unexpected labor. Yet, if you hire me after 36 weeks, I will expect a full payment at the first prenatal visit in order to avoid any financial complications in the case of an unexpected birth.

4. What if you cannot make it to our labor?

I will be on call from 38 to 42 weeks of your pregnancy, and therefore will be prepared to leave at any moment during that time. Yet, if an unexpected labor occurs outside of that time frame and I am unable to make your labor and birth, then you will not be charged the remaining $400. In addition, I often have a credible back-up doula, depending on the area, that can take my place during your birth. Yet, if the client fails to call me, then no money will be refunded.

5. Can we still have a Doula present during either an unexpected or planned Cesarean?

Yes of course! Doulas offer support for all births! Yet, it is the parent's responsibility to ensure a space for the Doula at the Cesarean , so plan accordingly. 

6. What exactly is a Doula?

A Doula does not replace the health care provider, but rather is a source of educational, emotional, and physical support throughout the pregnancy, labor, and birth of your baby. In addition, the Doula does not make decisions for the family, but rather aids the parents in making important decisions. Doulas do not replace the partner.To see my general plan for Birth Doula services click here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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Emma Yoder

Birth & Postpartum Doula CD(DONA)

 Yoga Instructor RYT200